I love being creative, experimenting & trying different things.

You’ll see that because it’s not all about illustrations. I need to do it all! Or at least try it and see if I am any good at it. That’s all about art! Right? You need to get out of your comfort zone and just create! Nature inspires me, animals and all the beautiful things, like autumn leaves, sunshine, sparks, colors…

My name is Lore Obrejea and I grew up in Spain. This is where I discovered my love for arts and creativity. Through the years I developed a particular passion for Illustration. Drawing animals, plants or ocean creatures is inspiring and helps express my artistic thoughts. Spain is also where I learned to enjoy great food, spending time with friends and where I met my amazing husband. He’s a photographer and the two of us make a great team, often doing creative projects together. A few years ago we decided to move to the UK, where we spend our time discovering forests, traveling and living new adventures. 

I’m a quick person: I need to work with materials that allow me to keep going. I use watercolors and pencils, markers, sometimes acrylic paint and also ink pads for my stamps. Also I can’t let something unfinished and leave it for later. When I’m really focused, I can’t stop until I think it’s finished or until the piece finishes me, haha.

When I’m not drawing or making art by myself at home with my music, I enjoy walks in nature, a picnic with my husband, a Disney movie, a board game with friends, watching Netflix, planing a creative photoshoot or dancing and laughing out laud!

I hope you enjoy my creations!